Why Have Them in the House?


Freestanding Sinks & Other Rentals in Keyport, New Jersey

Poor John's Portable Toilets offers many options for the convenience of your workers or partygoers. Whether it's a holding tank to go under a trailer or a flushable toilet at a birthday bash, we have what you need! Satisfy the sanitation needs of everyone at your outdoor gathering with freestanding sinks, handicapped-accessible toilets, and other rentals from our company in Keyport, New Jersey.

Handicapped-Accessible Portable Toilets

Help your handicapped guests more easily meet their sanitation needs with our wheelchair-accessible toilet rentals. Each has extra space for extra comfort and ease of use. Whether you rent units with or without a sink, each handicapped-accessible unit comes standard with a toilet tissue holder, toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer.

Flushable Toilet Units

These toilets, which are located in our portable units, work just like the portable toilets except for the fact that they can be flushed using a foot pedal located at the base. The waste is then contained in a unit located under the toilet for better sanitation for your workers or guests. Each of these units also includes a urinal and toilet tissue. Hand sanitizer is available upon request.

Freestanding Sink Rentals

Higher-quality sanitation is available with our freestanding sinks, which are placed outside of your portable toilets. These sinks provide a higher degree of comfort and cleanliness.
Holding Tank Pumping Also Available
It's important that you have your holding tank under your trailer pumped by an experienced professional. We expertly pump waste from your holding tank to keep your toilet(s) working like new. Count on our licensed staff to pump your tank quickly and without any problems