A Surprising Tourist Attraction In Keyport, NJ

Lake Surprise

Tucked away in Union County, you will find Lake Surprise! It’s only a twenty-minute drive from Keyport, NJ and is a great place for those who like to take in the great outdoors. Lake Surprise is a man-made reservoir in the Watchung Reservation. Since the reservoir was created in 1845, this land holds a rich history. Learn information about Keyport, NJ.

The Dam And The Deserted Village

Lake Surprise came to be due to the Lake Surprise Dam. Humans and beavers alike make dams to hold water in a certain place. In this case, we created for David Felt’s paper mill. He ensured that his workers had places to stay so he also built homes for them.

Eventually, this village became deserted. The sight of any deserted village is spine-chilling. The abandoned homes have become an attraction of their own for those who like spooky things. Discover facts about What Is There To Do In Keyport, NJ.

Fishing And Paddling

In addition to the wonders of the forest, people enjoy fishing and paddling in Lake Surprise. It comes up often as a recreational spot for those who enjoy nature in New Jersey.

5/5 Stars

People who visit this attraction are happy they did. If you are visiting NJ or simply haven’t seen Lake Surprise yet, check it out soon!