Boatin’ And Fishin’ In Keyport, NJ

Beaches and Lakes

A lot of the landmarks Keyport has to offer are related to their plentiful marinas. This is the perfect place to settle if you like to take a day out on the water and even fish. Further facts about Keyport, NJ can be found here.

Lake Surprise

This man-made lake was created for the purpose of supporting the historical paper mill. The famous Lake Surprise dam is being worked on to continue to provide a reservoir for people to enjoy. Lots of fishermen in the area talk about their catches. Paddlers enjoy floating around the calm surface. Information about Give A Green Thumbs Up! can be found here. 

Brown’s Point Marina

Another great fishing spot is the Brown’s Point Marina. This is one of Keyport’s favorite places for boat storage and docking. They also host safety classes for those who are new to the world of ocean boating. 

Papa Angel’s Fishing Charters

When you look up this local fishing spot, you will see images of people with huge catches! You can do it too by visiting Papa Angel’s Fishing Charters. For the most variety our New Jersey beaches have to offer, try for bites at Papa Angel’s.  You can meet new people with the same interests.

Get on board with Keyport, NJ for your next vacation.