Give A Green Thumbs Up!

Keyport Gardenwalk

This event has always been a free opportunity to view the best gardens and flowers in New Jersey. Residents enjoy this yearly event because of how it brings gardeners closer together. Even those who can’t plant their own garden enjoy taking in the bright colors.

Gardening is an art! It takes a lot of time and effort to keep these plants alive and healthy. Our gardeners are dedicated to the craft and create spaces full of wonder just for the betterment of the community. This is why people come from all over to see what we have all accomplished. This is a top attraction for Keyport, helping us to further grow our city. Visit this link for more information.

2020 Update

This summer, the Keyport Gardenwalk will go virtual! We invite people to sign up if they want their gardens included. The Gardenwalk has been free to enjoy since it started in 2012. We won’t let this tourist favorite wilt away! Read about Keyport Waterfront Park And Marina here.

All Types Of Gardens

Whether you are a gardener or not, everyone can enjoy the bright beautiful blooms placed just for you to view! From trimmed hedges to statues, no two gardens are the same. Join us virtually this year to keep the tradition going strong.