Keyport, NJ: The Intellectual’s Playground

Museums Galore

The state of New Jersey is packed with history! There are so many landmarks and museums that it’s impossible to fit it all into one weekend. If you visiting Keyport, be sure to plan for at least a week. If you already live here, then get out more and see what this amazing area has to offer. Information can be found here.

Intriguing Stories

Even those who don’t particularly enjoy history will find themselves completely invested in the tales of old. This land has a lot of stories waiting to be told. For example, you can visit the Ben Franklin Institute of Philadelphia or the Keyport Historical Society to get your fill of everything area has to offer. 

Did you know that Keyport, NJ is home to a spooky abandoned village? Learn the story behind that and even get a chance to visit it when you visit Keyport. See here for information about A Surprising Tourist Attraction In Keyport, NJ.

Schedule Your Trip

Whether you live in the town or not, you can make a trip of visiting numerous museums and learning directly from the locals. Depending on when you visit, you can get involved and attend some of the events they throw to make Keyport that much more enjoyable.