Keyport Waterfront Park And Marina

Live Life Close To The Ocean

Keyport, New Jersey got its name because the town is literally a port! We have so many waterfronts and beaches that we are the perfect vacation spot for people nearby. The area is also rich with historical significance. It’s always fun to learn something new while on vacation. 

Our neighbors certainly take advantage of what Keyport has to offer. Lots of citizens’ time is spent outdoors. By frequenting our waterfront locations, we get a lot of sunshine and fresh beach air. Keyport, NJ can be seen here.

The Great Outdoors

Speaking of the outside world, Keyport has many other options for those who like to get outside. Residents love to ride their bikes on the boardwalks and paths. You will find runners and fishermen all sharing the same space in harmony. If the beach is not your cup of tea, you can also enjoy forests and park trails inland. Click here to read about Keyport, NJ: The Intellectual’s Playground.

Great Eats

Because of our convenient location so close to the water, our residents enjoy some of the best seafood dishes New Jersey has to offer. Eat your lunch by the ocean for the most authentic experience. 

Visit Keyport, NJ for your next unique beach vacation.