Luppatatong Creek Of Keyport, New Jersey

More Than A Mouthful

This freshwater creek flows to the north and dumps directly into the Keyport shores, making it the perfect place to learn about natural waterways and how they impact the environment. Don’t let the name fool you, some people refer to this as a stream. Not to worry, fishermen have caught a number of freshwater fish.  See more here.

Get Your Boats And Paddles

Whether you like to fish for sport or simply to float on down the river, this is a good place to go. The peaceful waters and woodsy area surrounding it makes it a great place to spend a summer afternoon. If you follow it long enough, you will see where it meets Keyport’s Raritan Bay. Be sure not to trespass on anyone’s personal property! Click here to read about Even More Historic Learning Opportunities.

Fun In Nature

Keyport is the place to visit for people who enjoy spending time in nature. Particularly, the fresh and saltwater options are plentiful. Some find it fun to dive in while others might stay dry and catch a few fish. You might want to hike near the waters or find a nice place to sit and relax. Whatever you prefer, Keyport NJ is a top destination.