Our Native Plants And Animals

Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve Near Keyport, NJ

When it comes to preserving the fascinating New Jersey outdoors, you can count on Clay Pit Ponds to do the job. Visitors can walk the trails, view animals, and even find zen among the beautiful plants. More can be found here.

Support Preservation

We don’t want our native nature to get lost in our efforts to build a better Keyport. That’s why we work to bring our animal friends and plants together in one spot. It’s a great educational experience for children who want to learn more about the great outdoors. With greater knowledge comes greater safety when navigating the outside world. It can also be a romantic place to go for a walk while maybe learning something new.

Most importantly, we want to support the preservation of our native New Jersey wild life. While you get some fresh air and enjoy what nature has to offer, you will support a cause that will further the protection of the environment. Discover facts about Boatin’ And Fishin’ In Keyport, NJ.


This preserve has events throughout the year to give back to the community. From egg hunts to arts and crafts, people can enjoy the outdoors in a totally new and safe way.