The Adult Playhouse

We Mean Play As In The Theater

If you are visiting the Keyport, NJ area, be sure to stop by First Avenue Playhouse. They have been around for 32 years making people laugh, cry, or give a standing ovation. Residents of Keyport can’t stop raving about their fun shows and great food. Click here for facts about Keyport, NJ.

Dessert Theater

What makes First Avenue Playhouse stand out is that it is a “dinner theater”, although the show doesn’t start until dessert. You can set up a package that includes dinner, served a couple of hours before showtime! What a perfect way to spend time with good friends or your partner. Read about Luppatatong Creek Of Keyport, New Jersey here.

Ingredients From Their Garden

Yet another thing that makes First Avenue Playhouse a great dinner option is that they create their dishes using ingredients from their own garden near the theater. This is a totally unique experience that can only be found here in Keyport, NJ.

Enjoy The Show!

Whether you are visiting, new to the area, or just don’t get out much, consider First Avenue Playhouse. People find the acting to be quite capturing and the stories to be intriguing. The fresh supper and delectable desserts are just the cherries on the top.