What Is There To Do In Keyport, NJ?

Keyport Fire Museum And Educational Center

Since 2001, the Keyport Fire Museum and Educational Center have taught people about fire safety and prevention. This museum, with the help of the Keyport Fire Department, has recruited many volunteers. Learn more here.

Learn And Celebrate History

We have come a long way with fire safety and fighting knowledge. This nonprofit organization teaches people of all ages about the history of firefighting. 

From uniforms and equipment to actual images of previous firefighters of Keyport, you will be sure to find valuable information about how we got to where we are today. Honor those we have lost in the flames and remember those who have lead teams and earned badges. Learn more about The Adult Playhouse.

A Fun But Educational Stop

Bring your children to the Keyport Fire Museum and Educational Center to learn valuable information about fire prevention and safety. This is also a great stop for adults looking to expand their knowledge base. The history to be learned here is rich and fascinating.

For those who love trinkets and tinker toys, there is a display of authentic vintage action figures and toy cars! See how people of the past have honored our heroes.